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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tasek Bera (17th - 18th Nov 2007)

our first boatman .... reminiscing

our second boatman.... reminiscing.

beautiful semelai homes....

a semelai finds an ingenious way to wash off mud from his tyres

semelai children

tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia)

.... and it's flowers.


a bee messing with the wrong plant

rubber trees ....

white-throated kingfisher (halycon smyrnensis)

owl watching in the oil palm plantation at night with the Mogg-mobile.

photo courtesy of ladyhawk (taken in July's S.O.S., Johor)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kuala Koh
Elephant tracks!! My foot is in there for size comparison.

giant millipede (archispirostreptus gigas), Kuala Koh
when handled or alarmed, these large millipedes emit a foul smell.

bats, Kuala Koh

A foul smell and a loud grunt told us that the wild boar was too close for comfort. Our guide signaled for us to halt. A split second after i shot this, he shouted, "Lari!!" (Run!!), so we did like a banana....and split! Judging from the little that we saw, the boar was pretty large! Not too bad i guess, considering our Italian friends who had to cut their night walk short due to a leopard that wouldn't let them pass! Pretty cool place, Kuala Koh.

moth, Kuala Koh

crested serpent eagle (spilornis cheela),
Kuala Koh

gua musang

limestone hills, Gua Musang

batcave visitor

banded sexton beetle (nicrophorus investigator),
batcave visitor

siamese beta

photo courtesy of ladyhawk

Sunday, November 04, 2007

(photo taken by choo chee kuang)
Save Our Seagrass! (27th - 28th October 2007)
An amazing program by Mr.Seahorse, Choo Chee Kuang. Organised by Malaysian Nature Society Marine Group's Ms.Khor Hui Min aka Margaret Schumacher.

Some of the volunteers mapping and monitoring the seagrass bed using transect lines and quadrats. Scientific data gathered from these programs help tremendously with the conservation of seahorses and the seagrass ecosystem.
If you'd like to know more or would even like to be a volunteer, pop by

dugong feeding trail at the seagrass bed.
the following shots were taken here, at the Sg. Pulai Estuary and the nearby Pulau Merambong.

noble volute (cymbiola nobilis)

tube anemone

sea slug

sea cucumber

Saturday, November 03, 2007

thorny sea cucumber

a hairy reef crab

carpet anemone

a large starfish....

Mr.Seahorse himself......Choo Chee Kuang.
Keep up the great job, buddy.