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Friday, March 31, 2006

Some help from our Japanese friends...

Another fun reforestation in Cameron Highlands!

(12th March 2006).

Dr.Liau (REACH Vice President), showing how it's done.

Macho-man Dr.Gary, looking spiffy in his self designed kilt. The women just love it! In the background is Francis.

Our pretty Japanese friends doing their part.

Young eugenia from past reforestations doing very well. Everyone was pleased...

Minutes after discovering this pretty passion flower (passiflora), Agent Bitten found us some juicy passion fruits! Needless to say, it dissappeared in seconds...

Our beloved REACH President, Mr.Rama and Dr.Gary lugging up the saplings.

Dr.Liau and Mr.Rama with some volunteers from Mind Science Ipoh. Smile and say...REACH!

Another successful and fun filled reforestation! Thanks to REACH and all the amazing volunteers. (If you would like to be a REACH volunteer or would like to know more about REACH and it's activities, visit

Renata...all the best with your thesis!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


The skies ...

My first lightning shot, taken from the balcony. A single cloud to ground lightning. No branching though, due to rain blurring the image. For a more spectacular shot, check out Divemuster's (aka Big Chief Lightning Catcher) shot at Milo (aka The Peacock's Gonna Get Ya!) has a great shot too, at

Rainbow at Koh Lipe, Thailand.

Sunset at Pak Bara, Thailand.

Moon over Pak Bara, Thailand.

Cameron Highlands (10th March 2006).

Moon over Cameron