moggie's world

Sunday, October 14, 2007

silvered leaf monkey (trachypithecus cristatus), mother and juvenile,
bukit melawati

lake kenyir

boat on the lake, lake kenyir

lake kenyir

gua taat, kenyir lake

common emerald moth, my batcave!

green crested lizard (juvenile), ulu geroh

leaf insect, ulu geroh

red-tailed green ratsnake, ulu geroh

hopper, gopeng

slender squirrel (sundasciurus tenuis), port dickson

caterpillars, port dickson

oriental honey buzzards (pernis ptilorhyncus), tanjung tuan

dusky leaf monkey, tanjung tuan

port dickson

long tailed macaque , kuala selangor

photo taken wth olympus 770 sw
kg kuantan firefly park

photo taken at sg pisang wth my olympus 770 sw
some sunshine for sandra and all my blogger pals.....miss y'all!