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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Frogging at Gasing Hill (18th June 07)
For more pics, check out Ladyhawk's . Special thanks to Lillian for all the amazing facts on these amazing amphibians. You can view the master frogger's beautiful photos at . (Hope i got the names of my frogs right, Lil!)

peat swamp frog (limnonectes malesianus)

spotted litter frog (leptobrachium hendricksoni), also known as 'lillian's gollum'.

four-lined tree frog

a beautiful spider patiently waits for it's meal....

a closer look.

copper cheeked frog

forest betta (betta pugnax)

branded imperial (eooxylides tharis distanti)

cave centipede
This extremely fast critter took a nip at my finger, and left it looking like E.T. phoning home! I'm thrilled though...i can now strike it off my wish list.

a closer look.

Save our Seahorses Trip, Johor (16-17 June 07).
Check out Divemuster's blog at for some great shots and the lowdown on the program.

jetty at dawn...

shrimping in the rain...

a morning walk in Kiara with Serina & Mo.... (9/6/07).

striped bronzeback (dendrelaphis caudolineatus)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a closer look.

gimme water....

various fungi....

tacca integrifolia....a perfect specimen!

Din the rubber-tapper.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pisang Falls (10th June 2007)

If you look closely, you'll see the little rainbow that formed when the sunlight hit the waterfalls' spray.

After getting the 'pisang' distress call,
he moonwalks into the icy cold waters of the falls where he get's his powers,...and becomes..........


little spiderhunter
Captured some pretty amazing flora & fauna
on the way to the falls....

A very well camouflaged grasshopper.....

.....a closer look.